About Us


Who we are

Chatham Power is a Chartered Accountancy firm, (ABN 86 064 217 303) specialises in the location and recovery of monies left unclaimed with financial institutions, companies or government departments.

What we do

We offer two friendly competitive services to make the retrieval of your money an easy process.

For the independent; we offer a DIY – Self Claim Service.

Self Claim service is perfect for those who want to go after the money themselves. For a one-time payment, we will forward you the documentation to allow you claim your money directly from the holding organisation.


We can help you through each step of the recovery process with our Assisted Recovery Service. Should you choose this option, we will help you through the process and ensure you money is recovered.

Upon successful recovery of your money, we commence a fee payment process. In Australia, the cash portion of the asset is deposited in your name into our independently audited trust account. Our fee is then deducted and a cheque for the remaining balance is forwarded to you.

If after all our efforts and expenses, the entitlement remains unrecovered, there will be no charge.

In all cases, a full report will be provided containing the known details of the source and nature of the asset.

Why Us?

We are pioneers in exposing the huge amount of unclaimed monies garnished by government departments and hidden by large organisations from unsuspecting owners.

We have a proud history of reuniting people with their unrecovered assets since 1994, one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the business.